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Monday, April 4, 2011

What would you do?

What would you do if a 10 minute walk from your house put you in the middle of cheap hotels where babies, toddlers, children, teens and adults were available for sexual purposes? What would you do if you had to walk by these places and know there was no way to help them? What would you do if you passed by children sleeping on the streets during the day because they were up all night on the beach selling gum and themselves to tourists? What would you do if you saw an old man pay for taking pornographic photos of children? What would you do if you saw a 10 year old boy following an old man into a rent for an hour hotel room? Would you stop? Would you turn your head? Or would you ask God what He wanted to do about this?

Well, for us this is reality. This is our daily life. These images are on our mind as we sleep and in our face every day. There comes a time when you KNOW the burden on our heart is so great you are moved to action. Well, that is the place we are now. We have used our family saving to secure the deposit and get going because we just can’t sit still. We know these kids. We see them every day and can’t put off helping them any longer. There is NO Christian presence in this area. We have been going out 4 nights a week praying, looking, dreaming with God for a place that shines the light of Christ and chases out the darkness. We have had the privilege to join with visitors to walk the streets and pray for these forgotten by the Christian world. It is just easier to not think about what happens to the people in red light districts. Once these images are in your mind you know you must help.

Today we are installing a water pump so the building will have water to all four floors and the electricity will be turned on soon. Next week a team from Convergence Church in TX will spend a day praying, cleaning and possibly painting. There are many things that must be done before we can open as a safe place for kids. Please prayerfully consider helping financially so we can get the center open soon. We need funds for renovations and day to day costs.

Prayer points

Open Heavens and Favor of Daddy God over Bridge Children’s Center

Resources for expenses, staff and daily operating costs

Godly passionate staff

Protection over our family as we press in to see light come into the darkness

Friends and activities for our 4 daughters

Like minded volunteers and teams to partner with us

Protection over all children in this area